Cases of obedience in the abu

Cases of obedience in the abu ghraib case 1239 words | 5 pages the acts of torture performed on the inmates at abu ghraib were both cruel and inhumane. If this is the case, employees in the private sector could either get a four-day weekend (if you work on saturdays) or a five-day long eid weekend. “conformity occurs amongst people equally, while obedience occurs within a social hierarchy the emphasis in conformity is to feel accepted and the emphasis in obedience engages around social power” (marshall, 2008).

The dangers of blind obedience will be evident in a discussion of abu ghraib finally, a discussion of the individual and societal influences that lead to deviance from group norms will demonstrate the utility of social psychology in the real world. In the era of saddam hussein, abu ghraib, twenty miles west of baghdad, was one of the world’s most notorious prisons, with torture, weekly executions, and vile living conditions as many as. If the guards at abu ghraib were just following orders, then anyone was capable of torture the latter, reicher said, is part of why interest in milgram’s work has seen a resurgence in recent years. Abu graib torture case question 1what was the lesson learned from zimbardo`s (1971) stanford prison experiment about the influence of social roles on an individual`s behavior.

In case you are thinking that such high levels of obedience would not be observed in today’s modern culture, there is evidence that they would be recently, milgram’s results were almost exactly replicated, using men and women from a wide variety of ethnic groups, in a study conducted by jerry burger at santa clara university. Requires student to apply their knowledge of explanations of obedience to the case of abu ghraib. The documentary uses several cases, from the 1964 murder of kitty genovese, when 38 neighbors in queens heard or saw parts of the fatal attack and did nothing, to a 2005 hazing ritual that killed. Torture at abu ghraib the prison is located in abu ghraib, a city 32km west of baghdadit has been around since the 60s, and was previously under sadaam’s control, where it was known as a bit of a torture camp apparently it was known as having some of the worst cases of torture in the modern world it sounds huge it is estimated as being the size of a small town.

72 obedience, power, and leadership learning objectives in case you are thinking that such high levels of obedience would not be observed in today’s modern culture, there is fact evidence that they would be the zimbardo prison studies and abu ghraib. Fiske noted that there are cases of isolated individuals who torture other people however, it is more likely that the abusers at abu ghraib were conforming to the culture and expectations of their environment than violating them, she said. Among recent prominent cases are the court-martial (and conviction for premeditated murder) of first lieutenant william calley for his part in the my lai massacre and the horrifying abuses at abu ghraib prison in iraq by soldiers who claimed that they were only following the orders of military intelligence officials. The acts of torture performed on the inmates at abu ghraib were both cruel and inhumane but what if the reason the guards tortured the inmates was due to the result of obedience from their superiors.

The abuse at abu ghraib which violated us as well as international human rights law was not caused by a few rotten apples as policymakers tried to make us believe, but was a clear example of a state crime. Obedience in perspective: psychology and the holocaust george r mastroianni us air force academy and it is the case that the status of the milgram studies as the accepted psychological the abu ghraib defendants (graveline & clemens, 2010), and stephan mestrovic (2007). Cases of obedience in the abu ghraib case 1239 words | 5 pages figures that use persuasive methods can be very influential there are many circumstantial possibilities as to why the guards treated the prisoners cruelly most people don't attribute the torture to many situational and external causes. Looking back: understanding abu ghraib george r mastroianni george r mastroianni is a the implicit interpretation of abu ghraib as an example of obedience to orders was made clear with both while the abu ghraib cases have generated an immense litera-ture, it is worth reviewing the specifics briefly.

The case is valuable for the question of a judge’s sua sponte duty to instruct and the amount of evidence necessary to require an instruction “obedience to lawful orders” is an affirmative defense on which the military judge has a sua sponte duty to instruct if the defense is reasonably raised. For abu ghraib, objective and systematic analysis will be difficult, but such analysis is needed if the cases are to be used in a credible way as teaching tools in psychology.

Obedience is a form of social influence where an individual acts in response to a direct order from another individual, who is usually an authority figure it is assumed that without such an order the person would not have acted in this way. That the trial of specialist charles graner jr for his alleged ringleader role in the abuse of iraqi prisoners at abu ghraib prison occurs immediately on the heels of the confirmation hearing of alberto gonzales to succeed john ashcroft as attorney general is a truly remarkable concatenation of events. Looking back: understanding abu ghraib georg e r the abu ghraib cases that were prosecuted should not have been obedience is also pa rt of the situ ationist i nterpretat ion—somber.

cases of obedience in the abu In my case, i present a revised understanding of the rulings issued against multiple individuals in islamic state affiliate jaysh khalid bin al-waleed (jkbw) in relation to the assassination of jkbw's first amir abu hashim al-idlibi.
Cases of obedience in the abu
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